There are a number of great photographers out there, so I realize it's hard to choose the perfect photographer for you and your family. Maybe this list will help you decide if I'm the right one for you.

- I believe you're beautiful just the way you are. Do you feel most comfortable in ripped up jeans and a concert tee? Then I implore you to wear that to be photographed. Wear whatever makes you feel, whether it's jeans, a dress, a suit, lederhosen or a tutu. Lets get some images of the real you. 

- If you have a conceptualized shoot dancing around in your head you'd love to have that fits my style of photography, please don't be shy about it. Let's discuss and see if it's doable! I'm always up for different, creative endeavors. 

- Nature is not only beautiful, but it does a body (and mind) good.  Lets get outside and shoot if at all possible. 

- Light. Glorious, glorious light.  It's the number one most important thing in photography, besides yourself of course! Nothing makes a more radiant photograph than having beautiful light. The best time for great light is early morning (a cooler light) and the time before sunset (a warmer light.) I set up my shoots around these two times. 

- Take a nice long look through my portfolio before deciding if I'm the one for you. The type of images you'll see is how I shoot.  If you want dramatic studio lighting or themed shoots, I may not be the right choice.  What I will give you however, are soulful, organic, genuine images, and they will be beautiful. I promise you.

- I won't elaborately photoshop you. I'm sorry, but as I said above, I think you look great just the way you are.  Perfection is not achieved through photoshop.  You're perfect just the way you are. Having said that, I'm now going to contradict myself just a bit. I will do very light editing.  If it's something that will be gone in a week or two, like a blemish or a skinned forehead, I'll fix that no problem. Skinned knees and bug bites are pretty much a trademark of childhood though. I have an entire project on injuries...yep, I'm a little off and proud of it. 

- I think a photo session should be fun and relaxing. No need for it to stress you out at all. I understand it's not ideal and very disconcerting to have a camera in your face, but I promise you, the images will turn out. I genuinely feel your pain. It's hard to let someone in your personal space. Kids not behaving? I have one too. I know how it goes. Don't let it get to you.

- I love the tangible. There's nothing better than holding, seeing, heck, even smelling a beautiful product. I carry lots of those kinds of things.  Lets get together and talk about your needs and wants and how I can help you. Looking for a beautiful coffee table book? I got it. Amazing custom framed prints? I got those too. The prints are on gorgeous archival, museum quality paper. 

- I'm a very laid back kind of person, so naturally the session will be that way as well.  We'll take it moment by moment and go with the flow.  It will never be rushed.

- I use all profession grade equipment, Nikon to be exact. I'm fully insured and registered with the state of Illinois. 



Once you decide to book a session with me, we'll figure out a date that works best.  I'll then send you a digital online contract to sign and a payment request.  After both are completed, your session will be booked and your date will be set.
Whether it be wall art, loose prints, coffee table books, or digital files, the goal of our time together is to make beautiful images for you and your family to enjoy. If you like, we'll meet for coffee or discuss over the phone what your goals are for your session. Once we find our vision, the session will develop from there.

No two sessions are ever alike.  Each and every one is organic and unfolds as we go along.  Yours will be no different. Everyone is different and unique, thus, each session will be as well. I have a very relaxed style of shooting and I promise I'll make it as painless as possible.  After meeting at our chosen location, we'll spend about an hour together making beautiful photographs.  I say we, because it's a joint endeavor. I can't do it without you because you're the star of the show!

This is where it gets really fun. You'll soon be seeing your images and deciding on the many things you can do with them. Depending on how busy I am at the time, you'll receive your gallery of images between 1 and 3 weeks. I work hard to get my clients their images as quick as possible but if I have to choose between quick and quality....I'll choose quality every time.  Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither are beautifully edited images. I edit each image individually and never do a blanket edit. I'll provide you with a gorgeous digital gallery of all the edited images to choose from. This is your time to peruse your images and decide which may possibly be displayed on the walls of your home, or printed within the pages of a book. You can order beautiful, affordable products straight from your gallery, or if you choose, you can use your own print company of choice.