Eclipse 2017 {A Major Celestial Event}


We decided to make an event out of the eclipse and I kept Tharin home from school so he wouldn't miss it. After all, it's a once in a lifetime thing.....until seven years from now when we'll actually be in the path of totality!!! But never mind that! Although we weren't in the path of totality this time around, I think it was 96% totality or something like that, so we still had a great location to view it. It didn't disappoint, that's for sure. Once the light started to dim, everything went very quiet and a few seconds later we started to hear night insects, birds and frogs and as you can see from the above photo, the shadows were the coolest! The trees and their leaves acted like a thousand eclipse viewing boxes for us. The whole experience was eerie and beautiful. I was ridiculously excited about the whole thing. Just ask any of my family. I was smiling and giggling like a school girl! I kept saying, "but it's a major celestial event!!!" much to the annoyance of everyone I'm sure. I kind of reminded myself of the dad on A Christmas Story when he won the leg lamp and kept saying, "It's a MAJOR award!" We brought a ton of food out to the pool and stuffed our faces for three plus hours. It was glorious. The weather stayed perfect during the whole eclipse, but as soon as it was over, the clouds rolled in. We were thankful the weather worked out in our favor. 

Enough of my yapping. Here is the evidence that I experienced a major celestial event!