Amazing Run {Fine Art Photography, Effingham Illinois}

I had an absolutely amazing run yesterday.  Turns out, the key to having a good run is to do A LOT of physical work all day long.  Who knew? I've been in a god awful funk for the last little bit.  No energy, cranky, uninspired, you get the picture.  I got up yesterday feeling the same old yucky way, after yet another night of insomnia, and decided, enough is enough, that's it, I'm done.  I can't go another day like this.  I'm going to suck it up and have a good day.......and I did.  Apparently it's all in your head.  You can choose to be cranky an unhappy, or you can choose to be happy.  I got a ton of things done, did a crazy amount of yard work, and generally just felt good.

I capped off the day with a great run.  No jogging for me, I actually ran if you can believe that!  And if felt really, really good.


Tytia Habing

I am a self taught, natural light photographer, with sixteen years of shooting experience under my belt. Back in the day, I learned to shoot with film, developed it and printed my own photos in my darkroom. I've since moved to digital, but film holds a very dear spot in my heart that I just can't seem to shake. I was supposed to be a horticulturalist and landscape least that's what my degree's tell me. I followed that path for some time, along with a few other paths, but photography won my heart. Plants and beautiful mother nature is, and will always be, a great inspiration to me. If at all possible, I prefer to shoot outdoors and somehow incorporate nature into the scene. I'm originally from the Watson, Illinois area, but the majority of my adult life I spent living in the Cayman Islands and only moved home to Illinois with my husband and son a few short years ago. I grew up on a small working farm, with acres and acres of natural areas at my disposal. It gave me a great appreciation for the world around me. I roamed wherever I pleased, built forts in the woods, picked wildflowers in the pasture and caught craw-daddies in the crick. My son is taking over the jobs of fort building and craw-daddy hunting, but I'll never give up the picking of wildflowers.