Motley Crew {Fine Art Photography in Effingham, Illinois}

I'm sure my brother was cursing his rotten luck today.  He needed to bale straw and didn't have anyone to 'buck' the bales.  What he got was quite possibly his worst nightmare, a 3 and a half year old boy (his nephew and my son), an 8 year old boy (his son), a 12 year old girl with cool shoes and glamorous sunglasses (his daughter), a 69 year old woman (his mom), his 'little' sister (me, you don't really need to know my age do you?), and one persistent little rat terrier named Joey, who followed us all the way out to the field. Actually, I think we did a pretty good job!  So the wagon was a little lopsided, no biggie.  My brother only had to stop a couple times to readjust our bale's, typically with a look of equal parts despair, annoyance and humor on his face.

I regret not wearing a long sleeved shirt, since lets face it, with the others on the wagon, I did most of the bucking of bales, and now my forearms look like they've been clawed/chewed by a rabid cat.   Our stacking abilities left a bit to be desired, but no one fell off the wagon or got hurt, so I call it a success.  We were a Motley Crew, but we got the job done!

After filling (almost) one wagon load, my dad arrived and took over tractor driving responsibilities.  We were all promptly fired and my brother took over the job the five of us were doing earlier.  I bet he thinks he's something else......