FARMER WAVES {fine art photography, effingham, illinois}

  Whew.  We made it.  It seemed to take forever, but we're finally in Illinois and we're finally settling in and is it ever NICE.  We feel like completely different people.  Happy.  Not living here for the last sixteen years has made me appreciate home all the more.  The smells, the sounds, the sights, they all seem so much sweeter than before.  Hopefully I'll feel the same when winter rolls around.

Since I finally feel a little settled, I took my first serious run today.  It wasn't easy but it was really, really nice.  Felt good.  Decided before my run that I would wave at every car that passed and see what happened. I got a wave back from every car and some people even waved first!! I got big waves, little waves, one finger waves, (ha, ha, not that finger!), head nods, head tilts and lots of smiles.  By the way, I live out in the country and waving in the country is a little different.  Just a couple weeks ago, my brothers were telling me a funny story about when they were younger and having a waving competition.  They wanted to see who could move the least and still get a wave back.  They would barely move one finger, only slightly, or nod their heads almost imperceptibly and yes, they would still get a wave or a nod back.  They couldn't remember who won though.  The most common 'wave' in the country is the lifting of the right index finger on top of the steering wheel.  I call it the farmer wave.  I grew up on a farm, so I like to think I'm pretty good at it.  So, next time you're out, try waving or even saying hi to complete strangers.  I promise, you'll be surprised at the response and it will make your day that much better.

On a not so good note.............the trash along the roadside is terrible!!!!   I thought littering went out of style in the eighties!!!  Whoever is doing this, please stop.  I like McDonald's just as much as the next person, but I don't feel the urge to immediately launch the bags and cups out the window as soon as I'm done.  Yes, I feel a little shameful too when I eat McDonalds, and I don't particularly want anyone to see my bags when I get home either, but C'mon.  Just wait till you get home, or see a garbage can and toss it in.  It's super simple.  Also, thank you so much to the person who decided it was the right thing to do to toss several garbage bags of fish carcasses in the middle of the road. I almost lost my lunch when I had to run by that.  Ack!!!

So, I'm introducing a new recurring blog post........Rants and Raves, similar to Jasmine Stars, Kisses and Disses.  She seems much sweeter than me though, hence the naming.


1. Littering.  Sooooo, not cool.

2. Poison Ivy.  I see it everywhere and just know I'm going to get it in the near future.

3. Insomnia.  Pretty sure I'm going to have it tonight. I can feel it.


1. Moving home.

2. Farmer Waves.

3. People who use trash cans.

4. Cool evenings.  Haven't had these for a long, long, long time.  LOVE them!!!

5. The Boston Bruins winning the Stanley Cup.  Woop, woop! (Sorry all my Vancouver friends, you know it's nothing personal)


My next blog post will be about my very first wedding in Illinois happening this Saturday. I'm so excited!!  Stay tuned!!  And for mine and Maria's (the lovely bride) sake, please pray for clear skies.


Just to make my life all that much easier, my son decided he was going to play with my office trash can tonight.  He took all the papers out, then threw it away again, over and over, and the lighting was awesome.  It didn't even occur to me, until a few minutes ago, that I could use these photos with this post.  Duh. And see how easy it is to use the trash can?  Even a three year old can do it.  By the way, I know anyone reading this post would never, ever litter, but you can definitely give anyone you see littering the stink eye!