Edible Flowers (photography on Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands)


There are all kinds of edible flowers out there. Just to name a few.....lavender, thyme, dill, cilantro, daylily, nasturtiums, chives, basil, pansies, dandelions, violets, clover, and squash blossoms.  And there are so many more!  I've eaten most of the ones I've names.  I remember my mom dipping squash blossoms in batter and frying them up.  She'd also put pansies and violets in salads on occasion, and also sugar them onto cakes.  Whenever I'm walking and see fresh clover blossoms, I can never resist.  I always, always bend over and pick a few to eat!  There's somethings about eating flowers that is so inviting.  Don't you think?  They're so beautiful, it almost seems wrong, but they taste so right!  I recently discovered a new flower to eat, and I can't get enough of them!  They're sweet to start then turn sour, but in an oh so good way.  It's the Costus flower I'm referring to.  In the morning, I will go to the color garden in the park, before the gates are open to visitors and eat my fill of costus flowers!  Tharin loves them too and will greedily eat every last one without offering anyone, including his mommy, one single blossom!  I took him to the park recently and we picked a bunch.  We talked him into giving one and only one to Earl very begrudgingly.  We then walked around the rest of the park with his favorite green mask on!  And I suspect he's going to hate me for constantly putting flowers in his hair and taking his picture!


Tytia Habing

I am a self taught, natural light photographer, with sixteen years of shooting experience under my belt. Back in the day, I learned to shoot with film, developed it and printed my own photos in my darkroom. I've since moved to digital, but film holds a very dear spot in my heart that I just can't seem to shake. I was supposed to be a horticulturalist and landscape architect...at least that's what my degree's tell me. I followed that path for some time, along with a few other paths, but photography won my heart. Plants and beautiful mother nature is, and will always be, a great inspiration to me. If at all possible, I prefer to shoot outdoors and somehow incorporate nature into the scene. I'm originally from the Watson, Illinois area, but the majority of my adult life I spent living in the Cayman Islands and only moved home to Illinois with my husband and son a few short years ago. I grew up on a small working farm, with acres and acres of natural areas at my disposal. It gave me a great appreciation for the world around me. I roamed wherever I pleased, built forts in the woods, picked wildflowers in the pasture and caught craw-daddies in the crick. My son is taking over the jobs of fort building and craw-daddy hunting, but I'll never give up the picking of wildflowers.