Women {Effingham, Illinois, Portrait Photographer}

The blog post I 'threatened' last week. I mean to expose the beauty of each and every one of these women, and I'm not talking about their physical beauty.  I'm talking about the beauty that comes from their souls.  That radiant shine that comes from within.  We all have it whether we choose to believe it or not.  It's there. It seems harder for women, including myself, to get in front of the camera and feel confident about it.  It's HARD! But all these women did and did it well, so I applaud you. I thank you for trusting me and putting yourself out there.  I know it's not easy. If only we could all have that shameless confidence of children right?? How wonderful would that be? Get photos of yourselves ladies.  Whether you have a professional photographer, your husband, a friend or even your children.  As Nike says, "Just do it."  You'll thank yourself later and so will your friends and family, especially your kids. Have a wonderful day and YAAAAAAY it's the first day of school.  How many excited parents out there today??

Now, check out all this beauty...

(and yes, if you look close, you'll see I managed to insert a photo of Tharin in here. :-))

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~ A fun song and video about loving yourself.  And NO, not just for women with 'bass.'  All of us!!!! Big, little, tall, short, skinny, full-figured, color, creed, age, whatever. ~