Summer is here and the Garden is looking Good! {Photography, Watson, Illinois}

It was my dream to finally have my own garden when I moved back home.  I'm happy to say, I have a garden to be proud of this year. Basically I just want to brag on it.  Last years garden was absolutely terrible and I was so disappointed.  Weeds, the soil was terrible, no rain....It's coming along nicely this year and I couldn't be happier.  I think Kitten Little {AKA, Bob Brown}  is happy with it too.  I will have ripe tomatoes soooooooon!!!  And a lot of them, so if anyone is in need of tomatoes in a few weeks, you know who to ask, and I'm serious.  I have so many they will rot on the vines if I don't give some away.  It'll probably be the same with squash and zucchini.