Engagement at Ballard Nature Center {Photographer, Altamont, Illinois}

I'm dreadfully far behind on blogging sessions, events, fine art work and even personal stuff.  What can I say, spring makes me not want to sit behind a computer.  It's the only reason (excuse) I can think of. This lovely couple traveled from Minot, ND for their engagement photos and I'm glad they did!  What an interesting and down to earth couple.  And she has the cutest smile ever!

We went to Ballard Nature Center near Altamont, Illinois for the session.  It's the perfect location, but a certain goose wasn't too happy with us being there.  She let us know, not too subtly, that we needed to move along, and quickly.

Next week I'll be shooting another engagement session at Lake Sara, and very much looking forward to it!2014-05-30_00052014-05-30_00062014-05-30_00072014-05-30_00082014-05-30_00092014-05-30_00102014-05-30_00112014-05-30_00122014-05-30_00202014-05-30_00132014-05-30_00142014-05-30_00152014-05-30_00162014-05-30_00172014-05-30_00182014-05-30_0019