Bye, Bye Kindergarten!! Look Out First Grade!! {Photography, Effingham, Illinois}

What???  My baby graduated from kindergarten?  But how can that be?  He's still my baby!! Can you tell he was in no way interested in getting his picture taken?  Want to get a smile?  You don't have to ask them to smile.  All you have to do is talk about farts.  For real, not only will you get a real smile, you'll even get laughs.

I'll admit it, I got a little teary eyed at the ceremony.  He was all smiles and so proud of himself, I was bursting with pride. He struggled a little at the beginning of the year and worked very hard, and his hard work paid off.  He can now read pretty well, spell, add, subtract...he can do it all!!  And oh my gosh, when his teacher, Mrs. Keller, who by the way, is a wonderful teacher, got up and spoke about how much she loved this class...not a dry eye in the place.  She was in tears and you could tell how much she genuinely loved these kids.  Now that's a good teacher.

Afterwards we took him out to Don Pedro's for some delicious Mexican fare. The salsa and guacamole are soooooo good. He was so pumped up from the night he actually paid the server and brought back the change, which is HUGE for him. He's normally very shy. Yep, he's growing up fast. 2014-05-23_00012014-05-23_00022014-05-23_00032014-05-23_00042014-05-23_00052014-05-23_00062014-05-23_00072014-05-23_00082014-05-23_00092014-05-23_00102014-05-23_0011