The Willow Haven {Fine Art Photography, Watson, Illinois}

  The huge Willow behind my house is a haven for insect life.  They LOVE that tree!!  I'm completely fascinated with insects.  I don't like them in my house or anything, but looking at them up close....enthralling!!  Yes, they look a lot like what we picture aliens looking like, but have you ever noticed the iridescence they all seem to possess?  So beautiful.  The butterfly is the only widely liked insect I think...dragonflies and ladybugs maybe too?  I'm proud to say I equally respect and am intrigued by all insects....except the cockroach and house fly.  I could do without those two.  Okay, and maybe mosquitos too. I'm human after all!

Just a few things that may convince you to like insects just a little more?

* They pollinate flowers, giving us beauty

* They pollinate crops which give us food.

* They give us honey and silk

* They decompose dead animals.  How nasty would it be without insects to do that??

* They're meals for tons of mammals, birds, frogs and fish.

* We use their bi-products for dyes and medicines.

* They're considered delicacies in some countries...okay, Ick.

...just a few, but there are a multitude of reasons why we need insects in our lives.  Without insects, it's expected that people would disappear soon after.  So next time you think about swatting an insect or spraying pesticide think about all the good they do?

Featured:  Cicadas, A Very Large Unidentified Bizarro Worm (I think it's going to turn into one of those beautiful moths I had all over the tree this Spring,) and one very talented spider that was maybe having bad dreams?