A Nod {Fine Art Photography, Effingham, Illinois}

  Thinking last night about what photographers inspire me.  There are so many.  I only took one introductory course in photography, so to be honest, I'm not all that well versed in the photographer greats.  We did briefly study some photographers in class and one of the assignments was to recreate a great photographers shot.  I picked a photograph by Emmet Gowin, of his wife Edith.  A simple shot of the back of her head, against what looked like water to me. I thought it was so beautiful.

The subject of copying art was what moved my train of thought last night.  When is it copying and when is it being inspired by?  It's a fine line.  This was one of two times I've ever intentionally copied a photograph.  I'm going to post about the other time next!  There's a good book on this very subject that can explain it better than I can.  Steal like an Artist by Austin Kleon. Great book.

If you're interested in Emmet Gowin, there's a great interview with him here.  At one point in the interview he talks about when photographs appear to be inspired by others, when in fact, they're not.  I feel this way a lot.  I think I have this really cool, unique photograph that I created all by my lonesome, only to discover later on, other photographs that look exactly like it!  Such a bummer.

Below is my nod to Emmet Gowin, and at the bottom is an unintentional nod.


Taken in 1999 as a nod to Emmet Gowin

 Copyright Emmet Gowin