The Continuous Project {Fine Art Photography, Effingham, Illinois}

  No. 2 

I initially began photographing fifteen years ago just for the sheer joy it brought me.  Only recently, about three years ago now, did I decide to give it a go as a business.  As much as I love photographing for others, my personal work will always remain at the core of why I photograph.

I  now have the unique opportunity to collaborate with three other like minded photographers who also continue to create personal work. The four of us have created a continuous blog link up of our personal work that is in direct response to the image preceding it. It's up to you as the viewer to decide how the photographs are connected.  We would love for you to add your thoughts on how and why you think the images relate, so don't be shy, and give us a comment.

Welcome to the Continuous Project with Tytia Habing,  Julia Vandenoever,  Wendy Cooper and  Kristianne Koch. I'm honored to be included with these three wonderful women.  They're phenomenally talented photographers.  Follow the links through all four blogs to see each image and please come back every other Monday to see how the project continues.

See the image I responded to No. 1