The Pasture {Fine Art Photograph, Effingham County, Illinois}


When I went to look her photo up in the yearbook, the yearbook wasn't there!  Then I remembered.  My mom wouldn't let me get one when I was a freshman because my brother was a senior and he was getting one. We could share she said. What? Does anyone still look people up in their yearbooks or am I the only one?  I love it and think it's sooooo hilarious.  Many, many people could probably be blackmailed by some of the embarrassing photos held between those covers, me included.  I looked like a young man in my freshman photo if I remember correctly, so I'm not all that put out by not having that particular year.  But come on!!  What was my mom thinking?  I remembered Deb anyway.  All freshman know who the seniors are, just not the other way around.

It was so nice when she contacted me for photos of her and her family.  After corresponding for several months, we finally pinned down a date. They drove over from Glen Carbon for the day for a family BBQ and we squeezed in some photos beforehand. Since they were driving in, I got to pick the location.  My dad has a beautiful pasture along the Wabash River, so that's where we ended up.  Some of my favorites from the day are below. A lovely, lovely family.

Thanks Deb, Patrick, Meredith and Claire!