Awesome Book {Fine Art Photography, Effingham, Illinois}


I feel like a million light bulbs went off in my head!

I'm so excited reading this latest book my friend recommended. If you're a runner, or heck, even a walker!!  you'll love it too.  It's Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. And yes, I realize I may be about 4 years behind the times here, but bear with me.


I've always had foot pain, it seems like, my whole life.  Funnily enough, my feet only hurt when I have to wear shoes, which is pretty much all the time right?  Living in Cayman was such a relief for my feet!  Flip flops every day or barefoot even.  My feet NEVER hurt. I remember when I worked at an outdoor, casual pub and the owner, a very dear friend of mine, decided it would be best if we all started wearing proper shoes behind the bar.  Let me tell you, I threw an absolute fit!!! The thought of again, having to wear shoes on my feet was just too much. And in the Caribbean no less!......where everyone should go barefoot in my opinion.  I ended up just ignoring the new rule and continued to wear my trusty ole flip flops and no one ever said anything.  I'm sure I was a bit annoying to everyone else, but hey, foot pain is REAL people!!

Even when I worked at the Botanic Park, I wore flip flops every chance I got.  Those pesky fire ants put an end to most of my flop flop wearing, but I tried.  And of course, I had foot pain.  Considering I live here in Illinois now, I don't have much of a choice but to wear shoes when it gets cold.  Bit of a bummer really.

This book just makes so much sense.  I highly recommend it and I'm not even done with it yet!  So if you've had foot pain, knee pain, whatever, or if you're a it!!!  It's also just a good story involving the mexican drug trade, crazy gringos, Tarahumara Indians, ultra-runners.....etc etc.

Because of this book I'm pretty sure I'll be buying a pair of these

and some of these.....Not gonna tell you why.  You'll just have to read it.

I feel like I should go out for a run now...and thanks Lisa for the recommendation!!

Another amazing book I just finished is Half Broke Horses.  Thanks B!