A long cool walk by the river {Watson, Illinois, Fine Art Photography}


Tharin and I had a long, cool walk along the Little Wabash River yesterday evening.  It winds through both my dad's and my brother's bottom ground, so there's a huge area that we had all to ourselves.  We threw his witch hat and his bike in the back of the car and off we went.  It was already cooling down but Tharin insisted on walking through the river.  One word, COLD.  He didn't seem to mind, but my feet were like ice cubes. He wants to go back today and go swimming.  Do children not feel cold or what?  The light was so beautiful, but as soon as Tharin started hearing scary noises (air brakes from the semis off the interstate a mile away), the show was over.  It was time to go home. I did get to hold his hand for a bit because he was scared, so it wasn't all bad!

He just had to lie down on this 'cozy' moss covered rock

Waiting patiently to see deer

Both photos taken by my aspiring little photographer.  The camera is really heavy for him and it makes me so, so nervous, but he loves it.  It's hard to get it away from him once he has it.  I laid down in the grass my dad just cut earlier in the day.  It smelled so good!

He wants to be a witch for Halloween.  Not a warlock, but a witch.  He's made his stance very clear.

He heard a scary noise and for the rest of our walk he wanted to hold my hand.  Wish he'd hear more scary noises! Hand holdings are few and far between these days.

This was the beautiful light right after we got home.  It was the prettiest orangey red.