Light {Fine Art Photography, Watson, Illinois}

Maybe it's the angle of the sun, maybe I'm being more observant, I'm not sure, but I've been noticing some really beautiful light lately.  Photographs are all about light, so when I notice, I get really excited and I grab the camera, much to the disdain of my son and niece and nephew I think.  They're used to it by now....stand over there, a little to the left, no forward, nope back, okay, scoot just an inch to the right.....perfect.  They're pretty good sports, especially my son since he has to put up with it 24/7.  Poor thing.

I'm going to share a few here, but go to my WEBSITE  and check out the dancing light I caught in the pool yesterday.  I was mesmerized. It was so beautiful.  It's only there for a split second before the sun moves and the shadows creep back in.