Lilah {A Birth Story, St. Anthony Hospital, Effingham, Illinois}

  I'm not going to go into great detail about all the craziness my friend had to go through with her pregnancy and the birth of her little girl. If I did, you would be here a very, very long time.  Lets just leave it at.......she's gone through A LOT. But she was determined to bring her baby into this world healthy and as naturally as possible, and she did just that.

Meet Lilah.......Delilah Marie Font, Born at 10:17am July 18, 2012. Seven pounds on the dot and 20.5 inches long. You can tell she's already such a good little baby.  Her heart rate didn't fluctuate or anything when she was born.  Nothing fazed her!!  She barely cried aaaaaaaand, she's already sleeping 6 hours at a time at night!!!!  Can you say, "perfect baby!"

The birth of Lilah is the most amazing thing I've ever seen in my life.  For real.  Number one most amazing thing. I know that may sound bad since I have a little boy, and shouldn't his birth be the most amazing thing I've ever seen??  I wish it was, but I didn't actually see it. I had a C-section and was pretty out of it.  I barely remember anything.  I'm so happy that Lisa got to deliver naturally and get this experience.

I just want to add one more thing. Lisa never would have been able to deliver her baby naturally if it wasn't for all the nurses that took such good care of her and supported her through it.  And for Dr. Dust, for swooping in and saving the day. You're all the best!!


last meal before induction......or so we thought!

deciding to go home!

this time it's for real

she's still smiling

walk 30 minutes, rest 30 minutes

Later in the day, Tharin got to meet her.  He was more interested in the snacks and drinks in the room.  Go Figure.

look how cute her ear is!!!!!

the first sunset of Lilah's very long, very happy life