Uber-Awesome Clones and A$$ Kickin' {Fine Art Photography, Effingham, Illinois}

  I get the best people to photograph!!!  If you know John and Christy and their little mini-me's (seriously, just look at them.....little clones, but not in a creepy way) I bet you love them. I'm pretty certain I want to apply to be their new best friend. If only I knew where to get an application. Basically, they're just awesome......I may even go so far as to call them uber-awesome. And if you disagree with me, I may have to have Christy kick your a$$!!!  (Inside joke, but you'll get it once you look at the photos)

It was HOT the day of the session. HOT. I have an extremely high tolerance for heat too, so it takes a lot for me to moan about the heat.  I love to be warm and toasty at all times, but this was in the thick of the heat wave. The only thing to do was get the water slide and the popsicles out.  Unfortunately for me, I didn't bring my bathing suit.  Boo.