New Website!! {Fine Art Photography, Effingham, Illinois}

I wanted to make some huge grand announcement about my new website being up, but I have an extremely yappy little boy hanging over my shoulder wanting to go swimming, so I'm going to make it short and sweet!! Okay, I may want to go swimming too! I have a new website everyone!!!!  Go HERE to see it and tell me what you think.  It's much simpler to navigate  with mostly all new content.  My pricing has been simplified, the design has been simplified.  My motto.......keep it simple stupid!  That's what I kept telling myself. Less is more, less is more.  It wasn't easy.  I have a tendency to clutter, so it was hard to keep myself in check. I think I did okay.

I have a lovely new logo designed by Julianna Swaney.  She's an amazing artist based out of Portland, Oregon.  Check her out HERE.  I guarantee you'll  fall in love with her artwork and illustrations just like I did. She was a joy to work with and I love what she came up with........nice and simple.

I also have a brand new address, and guess what??  It's simpler. Just now.  I dropped the photography part.  And it's also mobile ready!!!  Very excited about this part.  Let me know what you think.......Next facelift.