Jen {Fine Art Photography, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands}

  You know that friend you have that makes you laugh with every word out of their mouth?  That is my friend Jen. Only in my wildest dreams am I as witty and quick as she is.  Hilariousness flows from her mouth with the greatest of ease.  She is the Operations and Fund Raising Manager at the Hospice in Cayman so you can only imagine all her other attributes as well.  She's just an all around lovely, lovely person and I'm beyond lucky to be able to call her my friend, aaaaaand she's from Prince Edward Island!!!  Same as my husband, so that right there makes her pretty cool in my book! Just mentioning PEI makes me want to visit........Lobster, Dirt Shirts, Cows ice cream, Anne of Green Gables.......and Rick's in St. Peter's.......try their spicy deep fried mussels.  Yum.  Okay, off subject again.  Check out the photos!