Family Portraits {Fine Art Photography, Mason, Illinois}


I got to photograph one of the coolest families around a few days ago.  And I just so happen to be related to them! I grew up with Dana and Shari. We went craw daddy hunting in the crick, went to the lake, ran track, and we even attempted to fry eggs on the hot bubbly asphalt.  Yeah, it didn't quite work, but the edges did turn white.  I even remember Dana trying to convince me that toilet water was just as clean as water out of the tap and that I should wash my hair in it. I didn't, but I vaguely remember her doing it just to prove a point. :-) Also, they had cable and I didn't and they let me drive with them to high school every day, so you can imagine how highly I rated them on the coolness scale. High! And they're still pretty high up there even now.

These photographs are for a very special occasion coming up this summer. Florann and Danny's fiftieth wedding anniversary!!  They wanted some photos of the whole family together. I've never done a group this large and it's surprisingly hard to have everyone with good expressions!  Who knew. I landed a few so all is good.

Thanks all of you, for letting me boss you around for a bit.  Can't wait for the big party this summer!

~~~as a side note......yes, the girls are swimming in the pond at the beginning of April!!!!! Brrrrrr.~~~