The Odd Bin {Fine Art Photography, Effingham, Illinois}

  I met Joanna several weeks ago and the similarities between us and our lives are crazy! Let me list just a few......

* We both moved back to the US last May after living abroad for many years

* We both grew up within three miles of each other out in the country on farms

* We both moved back (basically next door) to where we grew up

* We both have 'foreign' husbands.  Hers is South African and mine is Canadian

* We both have little boys around the same age

* We both love auctions, flea markets, and second hand stores.

* We both collect religious (Christian) objects

* We're both starting new businesses

..........and the list goes on, and on, and on. It's nice to have a kindred spirit close by.

Since she's starting a new business (and I know how that is!) I want to sing her praises for just a second.  If you are planning any kind of event and you want something unique and fun to make it special, check her out.  Using vintage dishes, linens, props and hand-made items she will tailor-make a style for any event you may be planning, whether it's a wedding, baby shower, birthday party or whatever. She has such great eclectic taste.

Her home is a visual feast! My eyes dart around her rooms every time I'm there and I see something new every single time. Don't even get me started on her basement. It's like the Holy Grail of flea market finds. I just want to pack it all up and bring it home with me!  So share this blog about her, go to her facebook page and like her or check out her new website (still under construction but you can bookmark it for future use!) and tell your friends!

Oh, and I almost forgot the most important part!  The business is called The Odd Bin. Cool name isn't it?

Enjoy the photos of her and her family.  Don't be scared of the psychedelic feline. They have a barnful of them, but they're all very sweet.