Marathon ..... Finally {Fine Art Photographer, Effingham, Illinois}

It's officially official, I will be running the Land Between the Lakes Marathon in Grand Rivers, Kentucky!! I hope to run, but if I have to walk it, I will.  I'll crawl if I have to!!!  Okay, probably not, but I really, really, really want to complete this! It will be try number FOUR to run a marathon.

1st Try - 2006 Chicago Marathon / Pes Anserine Bursitis of the knee and had to quit training at week 9.  I lived in Cayman at the time but still flew up to see my best friend Lisa run it.  I was sooooo choked I wasn't doing it.

2nd 'Try' - 2007 Chicago Marathon / I didn't even get around to trying. I would be 8 months pregnant on marathon date........wasn't gonna happen!

3rd Try - 2010 Cayman Marathon / Trained for about 6 weeks then just stopped.  I have no idea why.

4th Try - Now!! Even with the cold weather, which I'm not really use to anymore, training has gone really, really well.....up until a few weeks ago.  I have bursitis of the Knee again! As soon as it started to hurt, I kneeeeew what it was already.  This time I iced, took ibuprofen and reduced my training, all of which I didn't do the first time it happened.  None of my efforts really had any effect at all.  About the same time as this happened I got a really bad cold, so I've missed  a total of 10 days of training, which is A LOT. I thought my knee would get better after not running for so long, but it was still hurting. My cold was finally going away, but my knee was being contrary. Decided I better get into see a doctor. I saw Dr. Wente from Bonutii Clinic and he was awe-some! Told me all about what it was exactly, how to treat it and then gave me a shot in the knee. Aaaahhhhhh, all better for now. I'm going to keep icing and popping those ibuprofen and hope for the best.

So, it's training week 9 now and I'm just going to pick up where I left off.  Wish me luck please!

Me after a great 5 mile run!!


These are some of my go to items.  I can't live without ANY of these.

Mizuno Wave Nirvana 7 (special for moderate overpronation, which I have)

iPod Shuffle with Panasonic earbuds

Camelbak Water Bottle

LuluLemon Running Crops

Camelbak Pack (it's a must for long runs)


Nathan Hydration Speed Pack (great for shorter runs when you don't want to carry a bottle. Just got this for Christmas from my brother-in-law and I already love it.)



My trusty running bra which I've had for many, many years and I'm sure it's probably so old it doesn't even work well anymore, but it's the most comfortable one I have.  If I've learned anything at all after all my years of running it's to go with what's comfortable.

A few more must, lip balm, lots and lots and lots of kleenex in the winter, fingerless gloves and a hat that goes all the way over your ears.  I seem to get earaches pretty easy. And layer, layer, layer!!! I use mostly Nike and Lululemon. A great waterproof jacket. I have a Helly Hansen that I really love.

Oh, and it's pretty nice to have a sister in law that will loan you her treadmill (thanks Charlotte!), have a brother that will haul it up to your moms house (thanks Tim!), and have a mom who doesn't mind you putting a big treadmill in her basement, because it won't fit in your own house(thanks Mom!). I prefer to run outside, even when it's cold, but not when it's really, really cold or really icy, or really snowy.  I'm just not that tough.

I'll post every now and then about my progress.  Hopefully my knee will behave itself.

UPDATE!  Just ran my first 3 miler since the bum knee and sickness.  I was a little sluggish, but it went pretty great!!  NO knee pain. Wish someone was here to high five!