Mary-Anne {Fine Art Photography, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands}

  One of my New Years resolutions is to keep in touch with people that mean a lot to me.  I still don't have any of my resolutions written down, they're just floating around in my head still.  I'm a lists kinda person, so they WILL eventually find themselves in list form!

I lived in the Cayman Islands for many years and it was always bittersweet when a friend would leave.  Mostly people come and go there, but a few stay, and a few have lived their whole lives there.  Since it's such a transient place, I have friends scattered around the world and quite honestly, I've lost touch with most of them.  Everyone has busy lives and sometimes it's really hard to make yourself get in touch with friends to just say hello.  I'm the worst too!  It's not that I don't love, or care about them.  I totally do.  Life just gets in my way sometimes.  Darn life, move it!!

So, back to one of my (many) New Years Resolutions.  Keep in touch with friends!!!!  I decided I might even pick out a few friends I think are super cool and do a little blog post about them and tell them exactly how cool I think they are! AND, disclaimer here, if I don't write about you, that most certainly doesn't mean I don't love you!  Just sayin'.

So, the first friend I think is Oh So Cool, and trust me, she is, is my friend Mary-Anne.  She lives in Cayman and could possibly be the coolest woman EVER.  She has a fabulous husband, awesome kids (with the most amazing hair!) and a menagerie of pets. Oh, and her parents are just as cool as she is. They were actually my neighbors for a short time. She is an advocate for animals of all kind, but I think her heart is the softest for Pitbulls.  Why pitbulls?  I think because they're underdogs.  They have a bad rap and she wants that to change. She's always trying to find homes for animals, to locate lost animals, help sick animals, etc.  She loooooooves animals, and I love that about her. Every time I had an animal issue, I would call her.

She's also a champion for what we consume, whether we eat it, buy it for our kids to play with, whatever. She's constantly sharing awesome articles about food you shouldn't eat, toys you shouldn't buy and all kinds of interesting things I would never know about.  I don't know where she finds it all. And I think she may have a personal vendetta against Monsato.  Again, I love her for all of this!  For the record, I don't like Monsato either.  I think there is something inherently wrong with a company owning a patent to a living growing thing, to our food, genetically altered food.  I'm not a huge meat eater, but I also don't like the idea of bovine growth hormone.  It's all a little too creepy for me. Anyway, I'm getting off topic.

Mary-Anne has also been such a supporter of me and my photography.  I can always count on her to comment on my posts and photos.  And I truly thinks she actually likes them, but even if she didn't, I think she would make nice comments anyway, because that's how she is.  She let me take tons of pictures of her and her kids when I first decided to change my hobby into something more and I can't thank her enough for that. Thank you Mary-Anne. And just for the record, I think she should have her own blog. Seriously. She has a knack for finding interesting informative stuff on the internet that affects people every single day.  Don't get me started on Canola Oil now!!!!!!  She knows what I mean. Just one of her most recent posts I had NO idea about.  Get rid of the Canola Oil people and try out Coconut Oil.

Oh, oh, oh.......and when I was the manager at the Botanic Park Nursery, she was the first to begin buying the native plants we were growing. There are so many ways I could describe her......environmentalist, conservationist, animal rights advocate, consumer advocate, amazing mother and wife, awesome friend........she's a modern day Earth Mother. Beautiful, inside and out. So, if you know Mary-Anne too, let her know how cool you think she is!!!  Or any friend you haven't told in awhile.

The post wouldn't be complete without photos of course, so here's some of her and her beautiful babies.....animals included.  Thanks for being my friend Mary-Anne.