Welcome! Happy Spring and April Fool's Day!!! {Effingham, Illinois, Photographer}

Hi and Welcome to my new blog and website!  And happy April Fools Day!!! Hope you'll take a little time to poke around and see what's what. I'll be having giveaways all month long.  It's my way of saying "YAY SPRING!!!", having a little fun, spreading some love and getting my business name out into the universe. I hope you'll help me along.

Lets get this party started! I'm loving the spring weather, so the first giveaway will be very 'springy.  It includes a very cool celestial lollipop from Vintage Confections (the flavor is a surprise), a lemon lip balm from Gypsy's Bee, a bright, fun scrubby from Sassy Stitches, a bar of Almond Soap from Astoria, a notebook from Oh Studio!, a lavender doTERRA oil (one of my all time favorites), and last but not least a small 4x6 fine art, archival print from yours truly.

How could you win all these goodies?  It's simple.

1. Make sure you like My FB Page
2. Share the FB post that's associated with this blog post. 
3. Make sure you leave a comment on the FB post that you shared it and please make sure your shared post is set to 'public', otherwise I won't be able to see it.
4. Done

I'll end this particular giveaway tonight at midnight and announce the winner tomorrow! I personally don't like long wait times for giveaways, so I'm going to make all of them short and sweet.

Good luck and thank you so much to all my friends and followers.



OOPS....I forgot to mention, you need to be in the United States to win these giveaways.  Sorry International friends.  I do still love you, it's just those darn shipping costs!!!!