Happy New Year {Fine Art Photography, Effingham, Illinois}

Happy New Year everyone!!! I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited about 2012!  2011 was a hard, stressful year for me, so I'm hoping 2011 eases up a bit.  I'm not saying it was a terrible year or anything, that's not the case at all, just.......difficult.  Me, my husband and our little guy (and our two cats, of course) moved from the Cayman Islands to Illinios, which is where I'm originally from.  It was a big decision to leave and not easy. We both left good jobs, sold pretty much everything we had, and moved here to no jobs and the daunting task of starting over from scratch. It's still a little stressful, but things are starting to look up a bit, finally!!!! It's taking a lot longer than I anticipated.  Think I was a little naive about how long it would take, or maybe just hopeful? We just decided it was more important to be close to family and to live in a country than one of us was from. We are beyond happy to finally be here and to be near family and we wouldn't change that for a second. Our move wouldn't have been possible without the support and help of our families and we owe all of them big time!  BIG time.

Change is a wonderful thing, but it can be scary, let me tell you!!  I've been a stress case ever since we made the decision to leave, which was actually at the end of 2010.  So yeah, I've been stressed for quite a long time now.  It's just in my nature to be that way I guess, and it's hard to shake it.  Hopefully the massage gift certificate Trevor got me for Christmas will help!  It was a long time coming, but we are now pretty settled in and moving forward and it's pretty exciting!  From time to time, I do miss Cayman.  Particularly the friends we left behind and my favorite beach, Rum Point (in my humble opinion, the best beach on the island! I know, I know, Seven Mile Beach is the best to most, but I'm gonna stick to my guns and say Rum Point!)

So, here's to 2012 and all that is in store.  I don't know what it is about New Years, but it just gives you a renewed hope for all that can be doesn't it?  Hoping everyones dreams come true.........mine included, and that 2012 starts with a roar (please see photo below to understand my corny sentence). Jason was happily relaxing in a sunbeam on the floor until I disturbed him. Poor thing.  At this moment he is outside but wants in really, really, REALLY bad.  He's crawling up the outside of the house as close as he can get to where I'm sitting inside at the computer, yowling at the top of his lungs. He's something else.




Tytia Habing

I am a self taught, natural light photographer, with sixteen years of shooting experience under my belt. Back in the day, I learned to shoot with film, developed it and printed my own photos in my darkroom. I've since moved to digital, but film holds a very dear spot in my heart that I just can't seem to shake. I was supposed to be a horticulturalist and landscape architect...at least that's what my degree's tell me. I followed that path for some time, along with a few other paths, but photography won my heart. Plants and beautiful mother nature is, and will always be, a great inspiration to me. If at all possible, I prefer to shoot outdoors and somehow incorporate nature into the scene. I'm originally from the Watson, Illinois area, but the majority of my adult life I spent living in the Cayman Islands and only moved home to Illinois with my husband and son a few short years ago. I grew up on a small working farm, with acres and acres of natural areas at my disposal. It gave me a great appreciation for the world around me. I roamed wherever I pleased, built forts in the woods, picked wildflowers in the pasture and caught craw-daddies in the crick. My son is taking over the jobs of fort building and craw-daddy hunting, but I'll never give up the picking of wildflowers.