Lord of the Flies {Fine Art Photography, Effingham, IL}

The kids spent hours out in the woods last week.  Hours upon hours, until past dark sometimes, building a camp.  See the big trees across the dry creek?  They chopped that down themselves after stealing an axe from the barn!!!  It was all very Lord of the Flies like. Luckily we didn't see any dead pig heads on sticks! Charlotte, my sister-in-law and I just shook our heads with.....I don't know, TERROR maybe, at the thought of what could have happened!  But man, did they have fun!  We humored them and cooked hot dogs and made smores at their camp.  They set up the whole campfire, collected the wood, brought the rocks to make the campfire circle, the whole deal. They were all beyond proud of themselves for what they accomplished, and I have to say.....so was I.

Can you see my little one lying down in the ditch under the logs?!

My brother Tim and his lovely wife Charlotte.