Barn Babies {Fine Art Photography, Watson, IL}

While walking past my parents barn last week, my nephew and I heard the tiniest little meows.  We knew there were new kittens up in the straw somewhere but hadn't yet discovered them.  The meows were coming from a place where they shouldn't have been, and I immediately knew that a kitten had fallen from it's 'nest' up high, all the way back behind the stack of bales.  It's about a 15 foot fall (ouch) and if it were behind the stack, it had no hope of getting out on it's own.  My nephew and I decided the kitten must be rescued at all cost. We got a flashlight and started 'Operation Kitty Rescue'!  We pulled a bunch of straw out of a bale at the bottom to make a space big enough to get the flashlight in and a kitten out.  We couldn't see anything, but I hoped the kitten would see the light and walk that way.  I honestly didn't think for a second it would work.  Barn kittens are usually very shy and skittish.  Just a few minutes later, up popped a little yellow head and she let me grab her and pull her out.  We started to take her and put her back with her brothers and sisters when we heard a second meow, and here comes another little head.  Two! With both in hand, we scaled up poorly stacked bales (umm, I actually stacked them) and returned them to their home.  Mission accomplished right??? Wrong.  As soon as I put one of the kittens down, she tottered straight towards a big black hole and down she went!  I could NOT believe it. It was getting dark at this point but we tried the same tactic again.  It didn't work.  Not a peep out of the kitten.  We ended up giving up for the night, but before leaving I hauled a big piece of plywood up and put it over the hole so no more kittens would fall in.

I worried about the kitten all night!  Maybe silly, but I couldn't help it.  The next morning I went back over to my parents and my niece and nephew helped me looked for her again. Nothing. I pretty much gave up at this point and was getting ready to leave when my niece gave out a yell and came around the corner with kitten in hand. Success!

I went back today to check on them and all the kittens hissed up a storm, except for the one we rescued twice.  She came right up and let me pet her.  Sooo sweet.  By the way, what is cuter than a tiny little kitten that can barely walk hissing at you??  That's right, nothing.

So, to make a long story short, does anyone want to adopt a kitten in a few weeks?! We have five, and we would love for them to go to good homes. Three still have nine lives left, one has eight and a really clumsy, but super cute one as seven left. If you do or if you know anyone that does, please email or call. Loving homes only please!

Oh, and sorry about the not so great photos.  I was precariously perched very high up on the edge of some wobbly bales of poorly stacked straw, and squeezed under a rafter at the top of the barn.......