Newborn Baby Boy {Fine Art Photography, Effingham, IL}

Last week I was given the chance to put together a quick show for Joe Sippers.  They had a last minute opening, so I jumped at the chance! I was crazy busy trying to put it together.  It's been awhile since I've done anything like that, so I promptly bought a new mat cutter and got at it. ( As a side note, I really, really miss my old mat cutter I left in Cayman. It was soooo much nicer.  I'm fairly certain my husband doesn't though.  I would ask him to move it for me since it was big, heavy and cumbersome, so naturally it seemed like an appropriate job for him, and I would scream "Be careful!  It's a precision instrument!!!" as he would man-handle it, banging from wall to wall, to wherever I had instructed him to deposit it. Men!)  Everything came back pretty quickly, but I do admit to ruining several perfectly good mat boards. The show goes till October 30, so if you're around, check it out. This post is not about the show at Joe Sipper though!!!  No, no, no, something much more precious and beautiful than a photography show. In the middle of my hectic week, I was lucky enough to be able to shoot this very sweet, very new little boy.  Thank you so much to his mommy for being patient while waiting for the photos through all my hecticness (yes, I know it's not a real word, but it works doesn't it?)!

He barely made a peep, and I swear, every single time I see a newborn (this little guy was just eight days old!) they seem smaller and smaller.  Is it just me? He was a super good baby and put up with us wrapping him up in various blankets, moving him from place to place and bringing him outside at the exact time that BOTH neighbors decided it was perfect weather to mow their lawns. Go figure.

Look how sweet he is!!!

Everything is A-Okay!