New Baby Soon! {Fine Art Photography, Lake Sara, Effingham Illinois}

  Had a lovely maternity shoot this week at Lake Sara.  Believe it or not, soon to be new mommy Erica is nine months pregnant.  Yes, you heard me correctly, NINE MONTHS!!  Umm, I'm pretty sure I looked about that size when I was say......four or five months.  She is one of those pregnant women other pregnant women love to hate!  You just can't though.  She's the sweetest person ever.  It just oozes out of her. Let me put it this way, she gave me a piece of the most delicious strawberry pie EVER before I left.  Unfortunately I only got two bites in before my husband had his way with it.  And I'm fairly certain she baked it herself.  You want to hate her even more now don't you?

Good luck Erica and Chet.  In a few short weeks your world  is going to be rocked!!

Oh, and sorry about your tree. It jumped right out in front of me when I was backing out. Don't worry, it's not hurt, just probably scared a bit.