Ballard Nature Center {Fine Art Photography, Altamont, Illinois}

I found my new favorite place a couple days ago!  Ballard Nature Center.  Tharin and I went for a very long, very hot walk.  I'd been wanting to go for quite awhile and we finally made it over there.  Tharin brought his spray bottle and watered all the plants and even the ground since it was so dry and cracked.  He's been carrying around this spray bottle for three days now.  It's his new favorite toy. Why, you may ask?  Beats me, I don't understand the whims of a three and a half year old! What did we see?  You name it , and we saw it!  Lots and lots to look at. The trails are clear and easy to walk through. There is a Tall Grass Prairie Trail (loved!), a Woodland Trail (walked through lots of spiderwebs, but still awesome!) and a Wetlands Trail (didn't make it, Tharin got too hot, even after spraying himself in the face multiple times).  There is even a little cemetery on the property, right after having to walk up 'Heart Attack Hill' strangely enough.  Hmmm, makes you wonder doesn't it?

No one was around so we had the whole place to ourselves. It was awesome, but I really think more people should be utilizing this little gem of  a place. The Visitor Center is really cool, with lots of interactive things for kids to do. They had all different kind of animal pelts you can touch and hold, pine cones, animal bones, rocks, nuts, seeds, puzzles, an aquarium with fish, turtles and crawdads, and lots more.  I could hardly get Tharin out of there to walk the trails. The best thing of all???  It's free! Yes, I said FREE.  Not too many free things anymore, so pack a picnic, jump in your car and get out there!