Fighting the Good Fight {Effingham, IL, Fine Art Photography}

Tharin is growing up so fast.  I look at pictures of him now and I hardly recognize the baby that use to live behind those beautiful blue eyes.  It makes my heart hurt a little, but at the same time, I'm so excited to see him grow up and experience new things.  He had a play date with a little friend (check out his friends beautiful curls!) last week and barely even acknowledged I was there.  He was doing his own thing.  He's getting so independent, he needs mommy less and less.  I'm very lucky to even get hugs and kisses now.  He seems to already be growing out of them!!!  I know!!  What?!  I still steal them whenever I want them, but meet more and more resistance.  A weakling he is not.  If he doesn't want to be kissed or hugged, ya gotta fight for it!  The fight always ends up in giggles, but fight you must.  One of these days, before I know it, he will be at that age where hugs and kisses from mom are not cool and that will be it.  Until then, I will continue to fight the good fight.