Effingham County Fair {Altamont, Illinois Fine Art Photography}

Since moving back I'm having so many 'firsts' again. This is the first time I've been back to the fair in, hmmmm, I honestly don't know, but it has to be around, at least 15 years?  That seems too crazy! I went to the fair every year for the first twenty years of my life probably.  I was in 4H, so I always entered projects.  My brothers showed rabbits, cows and hogs.  I worked the front gate for years, from when I was in high school till I got out of college I think.  So many fun memories.  Hopefully I can help my son have his own fun memories of the fair.  I took him to his 'first' rodeo last night.  He was mesmerized. C Bar Rodeo put on a great show.  The girl that rode the two horses bareback....at the same time......standing......over fire! was awesome!!  That was my favorite.  The clown stole the show for the kids......okay, and adults too.  He was good!  Unfortunately, I didn't take my camera with me.  I just wanted to watch and enjoy and not worry about taking photographs.  I did take some previously though......of course.  My favorite this year, was the birds.  There are some crazy looking fowl at the fair.  We had a young girl and her brother stop and let us pet their chickens.  The girl had so many facts about them!  You could tell she really loved them.  If you've never gone to the fair, you should really give it a go.  I promise, you'll have fun.