Bye Bye Discs {Effingham, Illinois, Fine Art Photography}

Tired of those pesky old discs??  Me too.  I'm lucky enough to have a new way of delivering images to my clients.  You can now download your images straight from the internet.  How awesome is that!!???  It's super simple and quick.  It's included in all wedding packages and is also available to my portrait clients. What you will see, is a gallery like this below.  You'll just click on the photo you would like to download, and like magic, it's yours.  Full resolution!  If you would really still like to have a disc, that's not a problem either.  You may not know it yet, but the optical drives are about to go the way of the dinosaurs.  Apple has just announced they are beginning to remove optical drives from their computers.  They have begun with the Mac Mini.  It can't be you say?  Go HERE and read for yourself!



I can't say I'm the most technically advanced person out there, but I do try to stay current and hopefully one step ahead of things.