The First Year {Cayman Islands, Fine Art Photography}

I didn't take as many photos of my son as I would have liked when he was a baby. For starters, I was exhausted for pretty  much the entire first year.  My husband and I both worked full time, we had no support near us and we had decided we didn't want to hire any help, not that we could have afforded it anyway!  Trevor watched him during the day while I worked and I watched him after three while he worked nights.  We were both pretty sleep deprived. And I just have to add, my husband had the worst of it.  I bet he averaged three to five hours of sleep a night for well over a year.  I couldn't have done it. He was super dad, and still is! I had also just switched over from film to digital and was a little disillusioned by it all.  I think those two things put together equaled not very many photos.  I'm STILL mad at myself.  Most of the photos I did take, I wasn't happy with.  So unhappy with them, that I am only now processing most of them.  After the first year and after getting a new digital camera things changed dramatically, but that first year, it pains me to say, I don't have the photos of him that I would like.

The moral of the story, get some photos taken! The changes in the first year are so dramatic and before you know it, your little baby is almost four and starting to sass talk ya!  Whenever I look at the photos I do have of him, it just makes my heart swell, remembering what a sweet little baby he was.......Oh, and get some of you with your baby.  I pretty much don't have any, and that makes me sad.