Camping, Day 2, Part 2 {Fine Art Photography, Shelbyville, Illinois}

Lots of sunburned faces in this post.  Everyone went to the beach for the day and pretty much everyone got a sunburn.  There was lots of napping going on after the beach.  Instead of the beach, Trevor and I went to the old Roxy Theater in downtown Shelbyville and watched the last Harry Potter.  It was so nice to be in a dark cool spot instead of out in the sun!  And of course, Harry Potter was awesome as usual.  My nieces were none to pleased to find out what we did when they got back.  They wanted to go really, really bad.  I love going to old Theaters like that.  I'm still waiting for someone to fix up the Heart! If I had the money I would do it.  Since I'm talking about movies and such, I was planning on going to the drive-in in Newton, went to check what's playing there and it's already closed for the season!!!!!!!!   What!?  The site says, 'see you next spring'.  Is summer over already?  So disappointed. Day 2