Camping Day 2, Part 1 {Fine Art Photography, Shelbyville, Illinois}

When we first pulled up to the campsite, the first thing you see is this huge, beautiful, old tree.  The second thing, is the great view of the lake.  It was a near perfect campsite for me, because I really love views of water, and the older, gnarlier, and huger (is huger a word? Sounds weird,  well if it isn' is now) the tree is, the more I like it!  The only thing that could have been better, is if the bathrooms were just a little bit closer, or that I had brought a bike with me. :-) The kids had a lot of fun swimming.  You wouldn't catch me in that dirty brown water, but I'm a complete water snob after living in the Caribbean for so long!  I hope to one day overcome it.  My brother told ghost stories the night before about a cemetery that was covered with water when lake Shelbyville was made.  The kids were a bit wary about going swimming, but the heat made them overcome their fears.  We did a lot of lounging around that day, so I took lots and lots of photos.  I'll be breaking up day two into two posts.