Moonburgers {Fine Art Photography, Moonshine, IL}

Went to the Pass Premier tour last night in Indianapolis and I decided to drag my husband along for the ride so we could make a day of it. The one and only thing I wanted to do was go eat a Moonburger in Moonshine, Illinois, so that's just what we did.  I'd heard about this place from several different people and couldn't wait to go.  I wasn't disappointed. If you haven't heard of this place, it's just a little country store out in the middle of nowhere.  I'm sure the people that live there don't think it's out in the middle of nowhere but to anyone's out in the middle of nowhere!  And this is coming from someone that actually lives out in the middle of nowhere, so I know.  So, as I was saying, when I so rudely interrupted's a little country store out in the middle of nowhere that serves a very limited menu of the best burgers and pork sandwiches you could ever dream of having.  All homemade of course.  As far as sides come, you have a choice of chips, chips or chips.  That's it.  They keep it simple and I love that.  They do have all kinds of different sodas and drinks to choose from.  I of course had the little mini bottle of Coke, ahhhhhhh, so good, and a burger with cheese.  It was awesome.  I'm really not a huge meat eater, but made an exception for this trip.  My husband had the double (and they even serve triple!) porkburger.  Both of us had a bag of chips too.  I wanted the $1.19 bag of Ketchup chips but my very mean spirited husband insisted that I only needed the $.79 bag, but they didn't have Ketchup chips in the $.79 bag!!!  Isn't he mean!?  Nifty little stories on the back of the chip bags too.

After ordering, you take a seat and wait to be called.  In the meantime you can just sit and watch all the different people or check out all the cool stuff on the walls and shelves.  I did both.  After they call you and you pick up your food, you make your way over to the condiment table and load up!  They have it all! When your plate is about to crack in two from the weight, and you have no choice but to stop piling more and more deliciousness onto your burger, you make your way to the dining room.  The dining room consists of numerous picnic tables to the side of the building.  There are lots of big trees around so it's mostly shaded and very comfortable.  Get situated and dive in!  If you can't finish your burger there are several garbage disposals at your beck and call to take care of this problem for you.  I'm talking about the big friendly dogs that walk around with big sad eyes, pleading for just one bite of your burger.  Of course you can't resist them.  I'm sure they're the best fed dogs on the planet, but they try really hard to make you believe just the opposite!

It was definitely an experience and I couldn't recommend the place more.  You can check it out HERE.  By the way, it's only open until 1pm and the grill is shut off at 12:30, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time.  Oh, and the bathrooms are one outhouse and two porta-potties, just sayin'.